Services offered

    • Articulation Disorders

    • Language Disorders


    • Oral-Motor Difficulties

    • Resonance/Voice Disorder

        • Aphasia

        • Dysphagia/Swallowing Disorders


        • Auditory Processing

        • Phonological Disorder

            • Fluency/Stuttering Disorders 

            • Dysarthria

            • Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorders

                • Social/Pragmatic Disorders

                • Early Intervention


                • Accent Reduction

                • Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)


                Apple Speech Therapy is by far the best speech therapy practice in the valley. They are always aimed to help solving my child’s goals in articulating their speech. Before my child had major problems with stuttering but now he is able to properly articulate what he is saying without having to stumble every 2-3 words.

                -Sarah Hernandez


                My child has had problems in the past with swallowing food and I had trouble looking for therapists that could deal with this issue. I looked around and found Apple Speech Therapy through my friend and they quickly set up a evaluation appointment and within 30 minutes they were able to set up goals to help my 10 year old child swallow better. Its now been a month and I couldn’t be more pleased with the progress.

                -Stephanie Wilson

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